I turned my "electronics" hobby into my profession. And luckily I still enjoy it. Regretfully the juggling with electronics challenges is limited to a small percentage of the working hours. The remainder of the job is bookkeeping, testing designs, managing activities or authoring documents. But the electronic puzzles are the icing on the cake.

Since my job is in product-development, it mainly consists of teamwork, in which I'm responsible for the electronic hardware. Working together with people from other disciplines requires special skills, but it is also very pleasing. Within the team I'm part of at present, I have several responsibilities, but also sufficient liberties.

I have worked in product-development from the start of my career up to now:

    16 years in telephony switching systems;
    7.5 years in digital television distribution systems;
    2.5 years in beamers; and
    from 2005 on in medical X-ray systems.